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Hi! I'm Becky

I am the ProTrash Talker! I help people become recycling & compost experts while having fun!

Think you know how to recycle or compost properly? You may be surprised by that answer! Test your knowledge to find out if you are a ProTrash Talker!

Want to know more about me? Read about my Trashy Tale!


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Why YOU Should Become a

Trash Talker?

As the need (and desire) to be more sustainable increases for individuals and companies, engaging in proper waste etiquette is more important now than ever to ensure our materials can be repurposed into something new. For so long, we were told to "throw everything in a bin," and someone else will sort it. With changes in recycling & composting guidelines across the U.S. and local policies becoming more the norm, it's time we engage in the conversation to all be trash talkers!

By learning about our waste, we can help to reduce our impact on the environment and create a cleaner future for our kids!

Plus, it's FUN (we promise)!

Recycling and Composting has many benefits! Want to know more?

No Trash Talk Here

We love hearing the good news from our clients! We help individuals, organizations, classrooms and companies be less trashy!

"I can't thank Becky enough for the presentations she gave. It truly changed my life. Thank you for the amazing presentations!"


Jefferson County Democratic Party

House District 27

"Becky provided both small and big steps we can take to be more sustainable as individuals as well as a business."


Sacred Society

"Becky, aka “Oscar”, loves to talk about trash more than anyone I’ve ever known. You’d think something like trash is a dull topic, but she makes it engaging and fun; connecting with the audience through her bubbly personality and her passion for sustainability. I truly believe that if Becky had a wider audience, she could inspire the whole world to care more about how they treat our planet."


Interior Design Instructor

Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design

We make trash-talking FUN through interactive games and presentations. There's no lecturing or judging you for where you are on your trashy journey. We work together and learn from one another. We engage in conversation through waste etiquette 101. We work with our clients to provide specific information about their circumstances and ensure that we give them the tools and resources they need to become ProTrash Talkers!

Check out The Trash Can and join Trash Talk Weekly to stay up-to-date on all things trash talking!

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