We CAN eliminate waste together!

Want to become a Trash Talker too? Hire a pro to toss those bad trash habits aside (no littering, please) and take the right steps to properly dispose of your waste today!

See below for how you can work with our non-grouchy resident trash talker.

Want to know more or book us to trash talk? Contact us today!

Test your Recycle and Compost Knowledge!

Start your path to becoming a Trash Talker by enrolling in this online course!

Set up a time with our ProTrash Talker to meet with your community for an interactive session on best recycling and composting practices. You too can be a ProTrash Talker!

Sessions are 1 - 2 hours long for up to 25 people.

Have more attendees? Add $100 per hour for every 25 additional people.

Live in the Denver area? In-Person sessions are available for an additional cost (tbd based on location).

Want not? Then waste not your money or time to take the right actions for responsible waste disposal.

No need to learn all the guidelines yourself! Work with the ProTrash Talker to develop a plan that works for you (and your team) in this mini workshop. This workshop works with you to support your waste goals. We start with Waste Etiquette 101 and then go into more specific ways to be waste-free.

Sessions are 4 - 6 hours long for up to 15 people.

Sessions can be held virtually or in person. In-person is recommended.

Workshops are available for companies, organizations, groups, or individuals.

Contact us for specific pricing. Prices start at $2,500.

Are you an event producer and aiming for Zero Waste? No problem. Our ProTrash Talker has 20+ years of event experience and helps you implement a zero-to-hero waste plan for your next event! We know how to implement zero-waste plans that work within your event operations. We'll help you save some green and go green at the same time!

Want to know how ProTrash Talker can support your event zero-waste event? Let's talk!

ProTrash Talker does not provide on-site Zero Waste services at events. Services include Waste Etiquette 101, consultation, resources, marketing support, etc. Our goal is to empower events to implement their own waste plans that fit their needs, budget and operations for successful green event from beginning to end!

Want to go all in and not sure where to start or want support? We've got you covered!

We will work with you to do a trash audit and then develop a personalized plan that works for YOU and your team. No need to figure it out on your own and waste time and energy. We'll support you in all stages of the process!

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